Point of Sale Software System

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NCR StorePro is an open-standards, fully integrated and cross-functional Point of Sale (POS) and store management software system. Its uniqueness is in the functionality, world-wide install base and hardware independence.

Multi-Concept Functionality that delivers a fully integrated POS solution to meet all of your business needs.

Open by Design supports industry standards and is hardware independent plus integration with other third-party retail applications is straightforward, affordable and low risk.

Advanced Promotion Features enable a single point of update for pricing and promotions across all retail formats

Graphical, Easy to Use flexible intuitive user interface, touch-screen capabilities and even graphical customer screens, means that cashier training is minimal and customer interaction is effortless.

Quick Service Deli, provides a powerful method of managing fresh-made sandwiches and deli items.

NCR StorePro is installed in more than 250,000 POS terminals worldwide, and is the selected POS solution of top-tier retailers such as Tesco, Publix, Sainsbury’s, Woolworths Australia, Delhaize Group, Hy-Vee and the A.S. Watson Group.