Support & Training
We offer full software support and training on all our products and services
We view training as an integral part of the success of our solutions for your business, enabling the customer to maintain the proper controls and information required. Your staff is your greatest asset and we believe in empowering them to confidently do their tasks and operate your business.

Trade Link offers full software support for all our products and services. Utilizing on-site and remote support, we support over 2500 stores in 15 different countries in Africa for their full trading and head office features and functioning.

Training is an ongoing function

We are here to help with the initial staff training, from cashiers and supervisors, to the store and head office management operational training, in line with best practice for retail. Our trainers and sessions are geared to foster a systems level of knowledge as well as a greater understanding of where each task fits into the whole retail environment for success.

support & training

Software Support

Our support staff has an excellent history of assisting our clients on both their systems and operational procedures in their retail environments.

Our Support Service includes:

  • Assisting stores with balancing problems for cashier declarations
  • Providing backup evidence when investigating cases for cashier theft
  • Balancing sales when stores offline and reconciling daily department reports
  • Rebuilding reports in cases of network and hardware failures
  • Remote rebuilding of transaction databases
  • Remote patch and upgrade installations and monitoring
  • Create images for POS and Server builds to ensure proper system reload

Our Training Service includes:

  • Train the Trainer philosophy of empowering staff
  • Offsite training sessions for individuals and groups
  • Onsite training and handholding in your live store
  • Follow up retraining for specific functions, both systems and operational for all staff levels in your business
  • Customized manuals and material relevant for your business
  • Staff reviews on competency levels on our systems

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