We are the difference.

We have been at the forefront of supplying the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry in Southern Africa with tailored Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions for the last 25 years. We seek to stretch the consumer value add and experience whilst not adding to the bottom line cost for the retailer using innovative data and system analytics, new age loyalty and rewards systems.


We want to remain true and relevant within the now and lead the way in the ever-altering landscape that we operate in.


We strive to be transparent, build trust with our clients and have a passion in everything we do.


To be accountable, ethical, dependable and supportive.

Group Executives

Ahmed Laher


From being appointed CEO in 2011, Tradelink has seen an increase in revenue, staffing and entered into long term contracts with major clients.

Ashley Lattimer


Founder of TradeLink Retail Systems (Pty) Ltd (1994), a company which is responsible for 55% of South African food retail sales.

Brandon Lattimer


Specialising in corporate finance, tax and accounting for the group. Brandon is a protagonist in the formulation of innovative disruptive business structures and holds a B.Com (Legal), Hons (Finance), M.Com (Finance)(Wits).

Melissa Lopes

Financial Director

Specialising in corporate finance and tax, Melissa covers the entire group finance and administrative functions and assists in the formulation of innovative business structures. Melissa holds a B. Compt., B. Compt. (Hons) (Finance), Adv. Cert (Auditing) , Cert. (Corporate Governance).

Jeff Millard


Supplying support and developments to key customers in 16 countries for FMCG POS and Back Office systems.

Darrell Pietersen


Responsible for Product Management and Development within Retail to provide a total solution set within the retail sector.

Juan Fourie

Operations Director

Specializing in Setup and Maintaining new Business, IT Support, Key Account management and project management.

Samantha de Jong

Complementary Business Executive

Specializing in New Business, IT support, Key Customer Maintenance, Project implementations, Assets management and compliance

Lyn Liebenberg

Group Admin and Data Executive

15 Years of experience in managing business operations from an administration and procurement aspect, monitoring and motivating admin, procurement and data staff. Ensuring excellent customer service and improving administration processes.

Tonie Griffin

Operational Executive for Retail Management

22 Years’ experience in the FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) retail space

Trisin Reddy

Operations Director

Specializing in New business, Projects and Implementations (operational), IT Support and Maintenance, Key account Management.